Ctrader Integration At Skilling – 1 Account Two Platforms

  • on February 2, 2021

Leading forex as well as CFD platform, Skilling, announced late that they accept launched the manufacture’second beginning seamless integration alongside Spotware’second cTrader – a unique feature which they bring up to as: One business relationship. Two platforms.

Seamless Trading

The feature allows Skilling to offering its clients seamless trading across 2 unlike trading platforms within a single Skilling account. It removes any take to fund 2 different accounts or grapple 2 trading balances separately.

André Lavold, CEO of Skilling Group, has this to enjoin near the launch:

Put just, nosotros wanted to pass on our clients a choice which trading platform to use – our proprietary Skilling Trader, or a more than advanced client–oriented cTrader.

The upshot you lot have amongst other brokers amongst multiple platforms is the need to fund ii trading accounts separately, maintaining healthy margins across two unlike accounts, together with besides having two sets of trading activities.

With this unique integration – everything you lot make inwards one trading platform volition too be reflected inwards the other.

So, if you lot start trading gilt on Skilling Trader, y’all volition run across this same place when y’all are using our cTrader platform. And vice versa. Goodbye 2 unlike free margins, two payment wallets as well as 2 trading accounts.

With Skilling yous volition have one unmarried trading account as well as a selection through which platform to execute your trades

Spotware Input

Alexander Geralis, the Business Development Manager at Spotware, added:

Embracing our “Traders First” motto, nosotros e’er strive to deliver a platform that would add the utmost value to our traders.

As traders are becoming accustomed to sophisticated, yet tardily-to function-platforms, it’s more vital than e’er for brokers to cater to traders needs together with demands.

Skilling’sec cTrader solution is a dandy case of that.

Mobile App

This characteristic follows a serial of innovations that Skilling has lately unveiled, including the launch of its new mobile app before this year.

Mr. Lavold added:

We accept an exciting production and concern evolution roadmap going into 2020, too both I too the team are very excited almost what lies ahead

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