Minor-Caps Have A Hit Inward The Wake Of The Woodford Crisis

  • on February 2, 2021

It’second been a hard few months for the smallest of the modest-cap companies listed on the Great Britain marketplace, according to an influential written report of the sector.

Last year the U.K. fund industry was rocked past the disceptation surrounding i of its superstar managers.

Neil Woodford’second flagship equity income fund was promoted by Hargreaves Lansdown in addition to favoured by advisors based on his operation inwards his previous office at Invesco.

Large stakes in modest-cap companies ultimately led to the intermission of the fund when redemption requests couldn’t live met.

Numis Index

The annual Numis Smaller Companies Index has discovered that the autumn-out from the crisis has led to an overall ‘repricing of illiquidity’.

A collapse inward investor confidence inwards the and then-called ‘minnows’, the smallest listed companies, is reflected inward their prices.

A ‘minnow’ companionship is defined by Numis every bit ane inward the lowest ii per cent inward damage of overall United Kingdom stock market valuation.

On the surface, it looks every bit if the ‘minnows’ had a decent 2019 amongst an annualised return of fifteen%, just minor-cap companies overall, which is defined equally the bottom 10 per cent of the marketplace, grew past 25%.

This is the largest gap between the 2 indices for v years.


Historically, the ‘minnows’ have been a source of consistent returns, having outperformed the FTSE All-Share by 4.vii% on average every year over the past 65 years.

These figures mask a high turnover of companies inside the index with many going under to be replaced past offset-ups, others going on to get larger companies. It’sec a sector that tin can live lucrative, only picking winners is past no means slowly.

Professor Paul Marsh, who co-authored the Numis written report, pointed out that inward 2019 investors grew concerned nigh illiquidity in smaller listed stocks as well as inwards unquoted stocks, amongst new investors staying away.

Woodford’sec fund ran into difficulties when it over-invested inwards unquoted illiquid assets. These are hard to sell off rapidly, leaving the fund vulnerable when investors effort to remove their cash.

The City Watchdog is examining new rules to foreclose investors inward funds with illiquid assets making daily withdrawals.

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