Spreadex Offers 0% Commission On Faang Too Tesla

  • on February 2, 2021

SpreadEx offering financial spread betting for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland based traders. In a fiercely competitive area of the UK broker market, the London based firm has long been known for innovative – but useful – promotions for their traders. This Oct, they accept introduced a novel offering to make net free volatility more than attractive for traders.

Ahead of the primal function of earnings season, SpreadEX has announced it is offering 0% committee on Tesla too all FAANG stocks – (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google-raise Alphabet) – for the balance of Oct.

This amongst extended opening times from Midday to 1am (U.K. fourth dimension) to let investors to trade these companies spread-complimentary before as well as later on their latest net updates.

SpreadEx Statement

SpreadEX spokesperson Connor Campbell said:

With i of the about of import 3rd quarter profit seasons inward retentiveness thank you to the bear on of the pandemic, with increased volatility inwards the function-upwardly to the United States election on Nov third, SpreadEX wanted to pose investors in the best position possible to effectively too successfully grapple their portfolios.

“By removing spreads on what are essentially the biggest companies inward the Earth, in addition to extending opening times to create a clear rails in addition to landing zone either side of these mega releases, SpreadEX is allowing investors to trade what they desire, how they want as well as when they desire.

“Combined alongside our powerful, fully-customisable trading platform – which includes advancing charting, merchandise via charts as well as a diverseness of dissimilar ways to have price alerts – we firmly believe that SpreadEX is the unmarried best place to come across out the third quarter net profit season.

“Since SpreadEX was founded inwards 1999 our ethos has been to set investors get-go, and this is the latest instance of us searching to place that rule into action.”

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