Trading 212 Increase Margin Requirements

  • on February 2, 2021

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland-based online brokerage, Trading 212, has announced a meaning modify to its margin requirements on stock CFDs. The ascent to 50% margin will take a devastating touch on many trading portfolios. Find out how to fix together with whatsoever hereafter considerations.

What’sec Changing?

On Tuesday 1st Dec, at xiv:xxx GMT, Trading 212 will temporarily heighten its margin requirements for all stock CFDs to 50%. This means that existing leverage volition decrease to i:ii. Those amongst open up positions may run into the automatic closure of ane or more of their positions if they don’t take plenty complimentary funds.

The broker claims that the modify is to assist protect itself against turbulent market place conditions. However, whilst Trading 212 is able to alter margin rates at its discretion, the move volition enhance eyebrows amongst traders and manufacture onlookers due to the serious negative bear on it may have on some clients.

Who’s Affected?

The change volition bear on blocked funds too free funds inwards trading accounts. It too affects margin status, ane.e. the percent that causes margin calls at 45% and position closures at 25% will be reduced.

The alter solely applies to stocks as well as CFD accounts. Other assets such as commodities, indices together with forex inward the Invest or ISA accounts are not affected. The value of a trader’s net income/loss is also not affected, simply if whatever positions are shut equally a event of the changes, and then P/L volition live reflected in complimentary funds.

What To Do Next

You tin can calculate how much you will ask to proceed your positions open up after the margin requirements increment. Leverage is decreasing to 1:two, which agency margin requirements will live l% (you lot thence demand fifty% of the total value of the merchandise in order to guarantee your position). Trading 212 explains how to calculate this hither.

Trading 212 clients accept too shared a calculator on the forum (for stocks solely) which calculates how much coin traders volition ask to elevation upwardly their CFD accounts. Note that while the estimator is not official, it may assistance traders empathize the changes.

Final Word

The announcement has come as a daze to Trading 212 clients, with many concerned most the lack of appropriate warning. Furthermore, roughly traders may non take enough funds to embrace the decrease in leverage if they want to go on their positions open. As a issue, the act may brand around regard closing their Trading 212 accounts as well as looking elsewhere. And amongst many leading online brokers offer CFDs on stocks amongst competitive trading weather, critics volition argue this isn’t Trading 212’s finest 60 minutes.

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