Why You Should Get Life Insurance While Still Young and Healthy

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Life is already expensive enough with all the ongoing bills and living expenses to pay, so it’s only natural to put off investing in things that do not give an immediate return (you hope) such as life insurance. Added to which, younger folks simply do not think much about dying, typically lead a busy lifestyle, and therefore rarely even broach the subject.

Many people are also single and feel that there’s no need for a life insurance policy because they don’t support anyone else and have no dependents. It’s not until later years and a few funerals have passed that most people begin to think more about the “what if” factor.

The fact is that unless you have wealthy relatives or a decent amount of money set aside, it’s likely that you could use at least a smaller-sized policy to clean up the loose ends when you die. And yes, no matter how young or healthy, it’s only a matter of time – hopefully many years from now, but perhaps much sooner than anticipated. Think of your friends or family members – or read the latest news edition…

At the very least it’s a good idea to have a small policy to cover funeral costs, final medical bills and any debts or outstanding bills. Even if single, should you die tomorrow, who would these responsibilities otherwise fall to? It’s always better to be remembered for leaving a clean slate, rather than a bunch of unpaid bills and expenses for others to try to clean up.

The good news is that you are in a prime position during the prime years of your life for buying insurance. The reason is simply that policies can be dirt-cheap while you are young and healthy. Once age creeps in, often accompanied by various health conditions, insurance becomes more and more expensive. And if health conditions become bad enough, even unobtainable.

The “even better” news is that once you purchase a life insurance policy, your low rates are locked in for good no matter how old you get or how poor your health should become. (I.e., it’s better to be locked in than locked out!)

If you are married or have anyone else depending on you for support, then having life insurance becomes a no-brainer for obvious reasons. Following are a few other ways that life insurance can be used, some perhaps you’ve not thought of before now…

Funerals and final expenses

“Final Expense” life insurance policies are small, affordable and popular. They are most common for those who are on fixed or limited incomes because even though they might not be able to buy a large policy to protect their loved ones, they would at least like to leave enough to cover the costs of burials, medical bills and outstanding debts. Funeral costs can be all over the board and no one knows exactly what other debts may have accrued when the time comes, but the average-sized final expense policy is usually for an amount between $10,000 and $30,000, and more if affordable. These types of policies are intended to be paid out fast – in a matter of days – when the funds are needed most.

Property mortgages and other debts

Do you own a home that you still make mortgage payments on? If so, it’s common practice to leave at least enough money behind to pay it off. In so doing, you can leave it free and clear for a spouse or for someone else via inheritance as opposed to letting it revert back to the lender. A nice legacy to leave behind. And if the mortgage has been paid down (or right off) since the policy was purchased, I’m certain the extra funds could be put to good use, such as paying off any loans or credit card debts or simply for general living expenses.

There are many other ways a life insurance policy could be used as well, including for an educational fund for a child, to preserve an estate, to help out a disabled family member, to leave a nice donation to a church or favorite charitable organization, or for funding a business continuation plan if you are in business and have a partner or co-owners.

Hopefully you now have a few good ideas for the potential benefits of a life insurance plan. I also hope that you are able to take advantage of being able to purchase one while still young and healthy. Insurance is a thoughtful way to plan ahead – for the inevitable. The cheapest life insurance option is a term life policy and the best place to learn more is mentioned just below…

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